Cuttn’ EDG exists to develop inclusive tabletop games that celebrate creativity and diversity. We’re a group of childhood friends in our 30’s who put our blood, sweat, and giggles into unique games that are super fun for all races, genders, and backgrounds.

Special thanks to Angie, Preston, Darlene, Nicole, Ammi, Ismail, Monique, Kindari, Joe, Nebyou, and a million more that set up test parties, answered surveys, and helped us develop our business into what it is today!

Bear, AKA Party Panda

  • Origins unknown
  • Professional Ne're do well
  • Surprisingly flexible and good at math
  • Refuses to vote
  • Lives exclusively in the moment
  • Jr. High basketball team co-captain

    Lil Pookie

    • From the mean streets of Fresno, CA
    • Future Soundcloud Artist of the Year
    • Strengths include dancing, jive-talk, and doin' hood-rat things
    • Has an extreme case of baby IBS
    • Has gone viral on Tik-Tok 7 times

    Doña Susana "Rosie" Perez-Smith

    • From Jalisco, Mexico and lives in Watts
    • It's her 67th 21st birthday
    • New to selfies and snapchat
    • Enjoys making chitlin-tamales
    • Has had two relationships since she was 14 and is making up for lost party time